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Why work with a Remy Owl Agent?

You could search for your next home all by yourself. But why? With an experienced Remy’s Agent at your side, finding the perfect home is easier, faster, and a lot more fun.

Remy’s Agent offer valuable advice and coach you through the entire home-buying process. Yet many buyers still spend endless hours poring through classified ads, driving all over town, and viewing dozens of unsuitable properties – simply because they haven’t connected with the right licensed real estate agent for them. In today’s information world, having an experienced agent working to decode and guide you through the chaos is invaluable.

Professional credentials and chemistry are a MUST when choosing your agent. Remy’s Agents are experienced agents who have the resources of a leading real estate firm behind them. When you chose an Agent at Remy OWL, you are developing a long lasting professional relationship. You are not just a client.

Before you commit to working with Remy’s Agent, be sure to ask plenty of questions. We welcome your questions to better understand your goals to help strategically search the properties that best fit your needs and lifestyle. Some typical questions to ask your potential agent are:

“How will you help me find a home?”
Buying a home takes more than visiting open houses and making appointments to see homes for sale. Your agent should not only be up to date on the latest social media and marketing practices, but also belong to a strong network of fellow professionals, local organizations, and civic groups.

“How well do you know the area(s) that interest(s) me?”
An agent who knows the area or neighborhood you are interested in is extremely beneficial to you. While licensed agents are allowed to represent buyers and sellers anywhere in their state, it helps to select one who is familiar with your desired region.

“How do I know you will provide me with personalized attention?”
Even the busiest Remy’s Agents can provide great service because they know how to keep the process moving for their clients. They have put in place procedures and partnered with other professionals to keep you informed every step of the way.

“Will you handle all aspects of my transaction or delegate some tasks to an administrative assistant?”
If you choose to work with a busy Remy’s Agent, a knowledgeable assistant can be very helpful when you have questions or need immediate attention. Every Remy’s Agent has a unique structure for his or her business; find one that best suits you.

“What is your negotiating strategy and how will it help me maximize opportunities?”
Negotiating contracts is one of the most important aspects of buying the right home. Having a plan and understanding market conditions will prepare you prepare for the negotiating process. Remy’s Agents have the support of in-house attorneys to help them develop a negotiation strategy for every transaction.-

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