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Why Work with a Remy Owl Agent

With a dedicated, licensed Remy Owl Agent at your side, selling a home is easier, faster, and a lot less stressful.

Remy’s Agents can bring you more qualified potential buyers, offer valuable advice, and coach you through the entire home-selling process – and save you from the often-frustrating complexities of deciding how to best market your home.

Like most relationships, the buyer-agent relationship thrives on communication, loyalty and trust. By working exclusively with your Agent, you’ll improve both the process and the results.


Chemistry is important. So are credentials. Above all, you’ll want an agent who has the resources of a leading real estate company behind him or her – a company like Remy Owl Corporation.


Before you commit to working with one agent, be sure to ask plenty of questions. A good agent will understand your goals to help strategically plan the best sales process for your needs. Some typical questions to ask a potential agent:

“How will you market my home?”
Selling a home takes more than holding an open house, placing a few ads in local newspapers, or posting listings on online real estate sites. Your agent should not only be up to date on the latest social media and marketing practices, but also belong to a strong network of fellow professionals, local organizations, and civic groups. Memberships in Rotary, Toastmasters, and similar associations can lead to exposure for your home. Ask for a detailed marketing plan, and even case studies of how the agent marketed other homes.

“How do I know you will provide me with personalized attention?”
Even the busiest agents can provide great service because they know how to keep the process moving for their clients. They have put in place procedures and partnered with other professionals to keep you informed every step of the way.

“Will you handle all aspects of my transaction or delegate some tasks to an administrative assistant?”
If you choose to work with a busy agent, a knowledgeable assistant can be very helpful when you have questions or need immediate attention.

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